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Holland is a hub of many great things; Tulips, people, activities, and, most of all, coffee! With 4 coffee shops in downtown Holland alone, it is easy to get confused by what the choices have to offer. Instead of making that tough choice, why not try them all? The following route will bring you through JP’s, Lemonjello’s, The 205 Coffee Bar, The Good Earth Cafe, Simpatico coffee joint, and The Big Red Stop.


Stop #1: Lemonjello’s: Our favorite in the downtown area. Lemonjello’s is a great place for you to pick up some “off the radar” brews, homemade baked goods, and delicious Jone’s Soda. Thier latte art is definitely Instagram worthy! Be sure to not miss the opportunity to argue about how to pronounce the name!

Stop #2: JP’s Coffee: Located right on 8th street, this is one of the most popular coffee places among all ages. While the coffee is hot and delicious, it is also a great place to grab a breakfast snack!


Stop #3: The 205 Coffee Bar: Holland’s newest place to get your coffee fix has been a hit! Giving a clean, modern feel to your daily cup o’ joe, you might even be tempted to try their delicious nitro brew or check out their unique, “under-the-counter” espresso machine!


Stop #4: The Good Earth Cafe: Lunch Time! If a romantic cafe movie scene were to take place in Holland, it would be here. Grab a sandwich and, of course, coffee and enjoy the atmosphere before heading to the next stop.


Stop #5: Simpatico Coffee: This one is going to require a drive, but it sure is worth it! Although this is a coffee tour, this is the fifth stop, so go ahead and make the exception and get one of their delicious smoothies. It’ll be hard to pass up Simpatico’s coffee roast, though, which is arguably the best in town.


Stop #6: The Big Red Stop: Last, but certainly, not least is The Big Red Stop. This food trailer has a surprising amount of options, considering its size. A coffee and an ice cream is a great way to close out your day while enjoying the views of Lake Macatawa. If you’re feeling especially adventurous, rent a boat from 1 Adventure Company, located just 200 yards away, and venture out to the stunning views of Lake Michigan while sipping that hot cup of coffee.

(Photo courtesy of Lemonjello’s)

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