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July 26, 2017
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The dog days of summer are here, and with them, the inevitable anticipation of change.

There is some change we dread – like the beginning of a new school year, and the end of a season filled to the brim with sandy ankles and sunkissed skin, wind-tangled hair and late nights on the water – We would gladly welcome another three months of these.

But there are other changes still, that we get to welcome with open arms – like football and apple pie, the changing of the leaves and the changing into flannel button-downs and wool socks. Yes these days are coming, and when they are here, we will remember how good it felt to get warm again and to sit by the fire (of course this is all less appealing while we’re currently still sweating.)

Undoubtedly there is an element of sentimentality, or perhaps better, a nostalgia that accompanies the end of summer, and that’s good because the nostalgia reminds us how thankful we were to spend the time here, watching the sun set on the west side of Michigan. We take comfort that it isn’t all over yet, that the water is still warm, that shorts are still mostly appropriate, boating is still pleasant, and kayaking becomes sweaty – but we also prepare to say goodbye to one season and to welcome in a new one. People are always doing this in some capacity I suppose.

In any case, we are wise to remind ourselves of everything good and pleasant that awaits us in the coming season, in Autumn and soon after, Winter. They are the seasons of thankfulness after all!

So, in light of putting the boat away, and filling the rafters of your garage with kayaks and paddleboards, get excited to “swim” in new waters, while hiking through forests of gold and crimson and orange. For the rush of buttoning your coat all the way up as you witness winds crash waves onto the shores of Saugatuck dunes with greater vigor and gusto than they ever did in July. For fat tire bike rides and apple orchard mazes. For snowshoeing and cross country skiing in the stillness and silence and winter’s insulation.

Get excited for change, because it is coming and it will be good!

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