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If you’ve spent any time running or biking, you may understand how boring the same route day after day can be. Even our world-class West Michigan scenery can become dull by repetition. Finding other routes or training outlets can be beneficial for many reasons. A new routine provides a mental break that can rejuvenate your body, making the workout more effective than it would otherwise be.

Finding other ways to train, or Cross-train, can work auxiliary muscles that will make you faster, stronger,  and also less injury prone. One of the best ways to cross train here in West Michigan is paddle boarding. Stand-up Paddleboards, or SUPs, engage many different muscle groups with every stroke. Stability muscles, core, arms, and legs all receive an effective workout.

SUP is a method of cross training that has been adopted by all kinds of athletes. Olympic runners, triathletes, cyclists, and even those just going for general fitness can all benefit from SUPs. Furthermore, there are no routes on SUPs, which means each day can be different and as exciting as the last! An intensive paddle can get sweaty, a dip in the lake never felt so good.

If you are struggling from boredom on your workouts, give Paddle Boarding a shot, you might just get hooked!

Rent one today! Prices start at just $20/day

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