3 Reasons Fall Boating is Best

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Boating in Fall

Many avid boaters believe boating in Michigan starts on Memorial Day and ends on Labor Day. In the summertime, lakes and rivers are frequented with people enjoying watersports, drinks, tubing, and fun. Once Memorial Day has passed, boats leave the water and lake goers return their focus on work and school. But have you experienced boating in Michigan in the fall? If you haven’t, keep reading and maybe you’ll see why it’s our favorite!

It’s quiet.

Because so many boaters turn their boating thoughts off in September, fall boat cruises on Michigan lakes and rivers have become a secret pleasure many have yet to discover. Traffic on the lakes is almost nonexistent. The peace and quiet in the sometimes cooler air is a place to truly enjoy nature, boating and the company you keep. Is there a better way to enjoy a romantic escape, time with family or drinks with friends than with a quiet journey across the water on a fall day in Michigan? Probably not.

The sunsets…

Boating sunset

Add to this the best sunsets of the year! Have you ever been boating during the summer on a beautiful sunny day and waited patiently for that photogenic moment with you and yours on the water for that beautiful sunset that you knew was going to be great? You have your phone ready to snap some pictures and at the last minute, a haze appears as the sun goes beyond the horizon! And just like that your plans of snapping some awesome sunset pictures fade like the sun.

In the fall, with the cooler and drier air, you can often view a crisp and ever-reaching sunset that can appear larger than life. They truly are the best sunsets you’ll find, especially on Lake Michigan! Check them out for yourself!

Those fall color changes…

Holland Boating

Michigan is famous for its fall color changes. The amazing pallete of colors in our fall forests draw visitors from all over to catch a glimpse or snap a picture. Many tourists travel Michigan’s roads and hike to better views to admire the fall colors. Most, however, miss the chance to take advantage of breathtaking views of the colored foliage while boating on Michigan’s many bodies of water. Color changes usually begin in October and peak in the second half of the month.

Convinced that fall boating is best?

If you have a boat, get out there! If you don’t, rent one, buy one or steal one. It may be worth it. Because fall boating is best, 1 Adventure Company will continue to make reservations available for some of our boats and for large kayak groups in October. Let us know if we can help you enjoy a fall boating experience.

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Kay · October 15, 2019 at 4:52 pm

How much

Jacob Brown · December 5, 2019 at 4:04 pm

It’s good that you point out that you can see amazing sunsets while boating in the fall. I am considering buying a boat for this exact reason. I’m going to look for a good place to buy a boat in my area.

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