Paddle Boarding Has Benefits

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paddle boarding

Paddle boarding is an awesome sport that is good for your total body health while remaining easy on the environment. It can give you a full body workout while relieving stress. It has also been known to decrease heart attacks and strokes. Sup boarding has been around for over a thousand years, but was not well recognized until . At that point the coast guard classified them as vessels like canoes or kayaks. People paddle boarding are just required to wear life jackets when outside certain areas known as the surf zone.

Paddle boarding has been known to help people lose weight. While casually paddling you can burn anywhere from 300-400 calories per hour and racers burn upwards of 750-1125 calories per hour. If you have poor or shaky balance it will also help you find your center of gravity. Supping is very useful for runners that experience shin splints or knee and hip pain. It still giving them a terrific workout and letting those parts of their bodies heal with minimum impact.

Like kayaking and canoeing, paddle boarding is easy on the environment. You can enjoy gliding across the water without engine and noise pollution to dampen your spirits or nature’s.

The boards draft about an inch and weigh 25-50lbs. We at 1 Adventure Company love being able to get people into the outdoors. Paddle boarding on Kalamazoo River is a terrific way to experience the outdoors! The next time you are in Saugatuck, MI come on over for a demo or lesson.

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