SeaDoo 155 GTI SE

From: $90.00

Enjoy a day on the water in Holland with our Seadoo rental! The Seadoo is designed to hold up to 2 people with plenty of zip for both. This personal watercraft comes with iBR (Intelligent Brake and Reverse system), making control and handling easier for even the most novice operators. Our knowledgeable staff will help you feel comfortable operating the watercraft and give you a quick safety lesson before your rental. First tank of fuel is provided and expect a full tank at the time of your rental. We do want to specify that you are responsible if you flip our Seadoos over causing damage. They are designed in a way that it isn’t too difficult for the average person to flip them back but typically an oil change needs to take place immediately. 

1-Hour Rental: $90                 2-Hour Rental: $170               4-Hour Rental: $275

6-Hour Rental: $335               8-Hour Rental: $395               All Day Rental: $445


For Daily Rentals: