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We have inflatable tubes available for you to make your next boat rental with 1 Adventure Company even more enjoyable!

To ensure you have an inflatable/towable tube available for your boat rental, you can reserve one with your booking. The rental charge is a flat rate of $50 to have the tube for the duration of your boat rental up to one full day. If you would like to reserve a tube with a multi-day rental, you will need to pay the flat $50 for each day you would like to have the tube available with your multi-day rental.

We have two types of inflatable tubes:

Sit-Down Tubes tend to be preferred for younger riders or those that want to get a little closer to the water without getting in. They tend to not as easily get airborne AND it is much easier to remain on the tube!

Lay-Down or Hang-On Tubes are for the more adventurous! They can be incredibly fun to “get air” and it is almost as much fun to watch riders try to hang on as it is to ride yourself!

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