Rental boats make sense and the reasons why explained…

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Rental boats > owning a boat?

Have you weighed the cost and time of owning a boat vs the time you get to enjoy it? For many, rental boats just makes much more sense. We will break it down for you…

  1. Initial purchase of the boat. Here at 1 Adventure, most of the rental boats are less than 2 years old with the oldest being 3 years old and range in price from $20,000 to over $90,000. If you take a 20’ pontoon with a 60hp outboard motor, it will roughly cost $30,000. If you buy a 22’ dual console, it will most likely set you back over $50k and can cost upwards of $100k.
  2. Storage of the boat. If you are storing the boat in a boat slip on Lake Macatawa, the rate is basically $100 per boat foot for the season. So, $2000 for a 20’ boat. If you are trailering the boat to the water each time you use it, then you have the travel time to the launch, having the right tow vehicle for the weight of the boat and there might be a launch fee. In addition, most neighborhoods won’t allow you to keep your boat in the driveway for an extended period of time. Here at 1 Adventure, we keep all of our rental boats in easy to access boat slips and in the winter, we store them in climate-controlled storage buildings.
  3. Maintenance of the boat. Boats require constant maintenance/service. In general, motors need basic service every 50-100 hours of usage. Every fall they should be winterized to protect them from the cold and sitting without being used for a prolonged period of time. Here at 1 Adventure, we do all of the services in house and ahead of the required service time. We have not had any maintenance issues and our goal is to keep it that way!
  4. Cleaning of the boat. Here at 1 Adventure, we wipe down the rental boats after every time they go out. We also do a though cleaning where we wash and wax them once a week to keep them looking like new for our customers. 
  5. Summary: Most boaters use their boat less than 10 times per season. With a 20’ boat’s annual operating cost of approximately $5000, it is a LOT more affordable and convenient to rent.  

We want to keep boating easy and enjoyable for all of our customers. Our rental boats vary in size and capabilities from 19’ to over 26’. From a 9-person capacity to 16 comfortably. Our pontoons are very stable and easy to operate. The powerboats are great for pulling tubes, skis, and wakeboards, with the biggest one having a bathroom and grill onboard.

Thanks for reading and hopefully we will see you on the water this season! 


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